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I am a born and raised east coaster, currently residing in coastal Connecticut.  From a young age I've been deeply impacted by my surroundings and have always felt art and design bring energy and meaning to a space and the people in that space.


I've had crayons and markers in my hands as long as I could hold them.  I was lucky to have a family and school that encouraged my creativity and I was able to pick up some technique and skill along the way.  In college I dabbled in fine art, but ultimately graduated with a  degree in psychology.  I found a way to marry my love for the arts, and my education in psychology when I discovered art therapy and completed my master's degree.  I spent over 15 years working in nonprofits while building my art business AND starting a family.  In 2015, I took a leap of faith and began putting my art out there into the world.  Since then I've been chasing my dream and while keeping up with this crazy life.  


My creative process is first and foremost influenced by my coastal roots and surroundings. While I've always been an east coast girl, I've grown quite fond of that other coast (wink wink) and now welcome inspiration from anywhere with a rising tide.  You can see this in my work through bright and neutral colors, as well as the raw texture and movement.   I mainly use palette knives, rollers, tape, and some more unconventional tools (rarely a paintbrush) to create this laid-back seaside vibe.  


Thank you for visiting me here!  My hope is to bring a little bit (or a lot) of coastal happiness to your space!  

For those of you who are looking for a something with a more personal touch to fit your space, please reach out to me about a commissioned piece.