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Back to Basics

Jen Scully

BACK TO BASICS... the story and inspiration behind the collection.

I am so excited to FINALLY share this collection with all of you tomorrow!  Before I do that though, I wanted to share the HOW and WHY behind the artwork. 

As many of you know I took a break from painting back in December.  I packed up my paints and, for the first time in a few years, didn't create.  It was honestly a relief at first.  Pressure to produce was lifted, and I had some time to refocus.  But it wasn't long before I was craving this outlet.  Before I could start again, I knew I needed to clear my head - the expectations and the desire to please.

I started listening to art podcasts, took an art and business course, meditated, and started to run.  One of my goals for 2020 was to get back on a running schedule - for my mind and body.  For many of my runs I was listening to a playlist of songs I listened to in the 90s. It reminds me of the people and places of that time, but on one run, it got me thinking about what art meant to me.  I was in high school, and art was a constant through my education.  It was a time that I learned and explored materials, and many time just PLAYED.  And from there, BACK TO BASICS was born.  

I decided I would get some canvases and JUST PAINT.  I wouldn't try to fit a mold, I wouldn't try to paint what I thought you wanted to see.  So, I listened to my 90s playlist, and I played around with colors and techniques.  I layered and layered and layered until it felt right.  And then I stopped.

I'm so proud of this collection.  It evokes so many feelings for me and brought me back to place of painting for the love of painting.  

There are 19 pieces in total, ranging from 8x8" to 36x48".  Many of the pieces are named after songs I was listening to or memories from that time period.  Hope you will check back tomorrow at 9:30AM EST for the big release!


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